Mädchen mit bunten Loipersdofer Wasserbällen.

Events at the spa resort

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Boredom? We do not know!

Traditional events, special events or live music - here you will definitely find the right event for your taste.

Das Thermenbad abends im Innenbereich.

Moonlight swim

Every first Friday of the month, enjoy romantic hours in the spa until 1:00 am.

Buschenschanklauf 2022

Lauf-Strecken: 0,3 km | 3 km | 10 km | 21,1 km & 12 km Nordic Walking

Hier gehts zur Anmeldung

Freunde die mit einem Glas Wein anstoßen.

Evening entertainment in the spa hotels

Review the day in a relaxed atmosphere. Weekly live music evenings are held in the hotels around the spa resort. Drop by!

#WeAreWater-Fest Bildergalerie

Hier geht´s zu den schönsten Fotos vom #WeAreWater-Fest.

Events in the region

Thermal&volcanic country

Experience culture, pleasure and joie de vivre!