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Outdoor area


Outdoor area

Feelings of joy are guaranteed under the open sky.

Our 23,000 m² outdoor area lets the hearts of all fresh air fanatics and sunbathers beat faster: They rush down the Wide-Waves slide go crazy in the waves pool and let loose at the Acapulco bar.

In the wonderful warm months of the year (about the end of April to the end of Sept.), the outdoor area is open for you!

Our outdoor area:

  • Acapulco pools
  • Wide-waves slide
  • 1- and 3-meter jump tower
  • Wave pool
  • Monkey swing
  • Games & Sport park
  • Moby Dick Wading Pool

Gain strength outside:

  • Acapulco bar
Opening hours
Layout plan

Sunshine & pure joy

Who dares to make the leap from the 1- or 3-meter board ? How is the challenge going at the Beach Volleyball court or with Pit-Pat ? Who will board the pirate ship ? And how does it feel to swing into the refreshing water on the Monkey Swing ?
Experience it yourself!