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Eine finnische Sauna mit zwei Personen und Ausblick auf einen Teich.

Saunas at Loipersdorf

Sweat and unwind

20 saunas and steam baths

Feel comfortable

The heat engulfs you with its pleasant fragrance and you feel small droplets drip off your skin. Self-balance sets in.

At our Thermal Spa and our exclusive Schaffelbad you can find numerous classic saunas, steam baths, infrared saunas and the like.

Both at the Thermal Spa (for guests older than 13) and at the Schaffelbad (for guests older than 16) the sauna complexes are nude areas.

Die Holzbank in einer Sauna.Eine Hand aus Eis auf heißen Steinen in der Sauna.Ein Kübel mit Wasser für den Aufguss in einer Sauna.Eine Sanduhr für den Saunagang.

Finnish or classic saunas

At Finnish or classic saunas, heat is generated by hot stone ovens with water being poured over them automatically.

At these saunas, a temperature of 50 to 85°C is reached. The change from dry and hot air to cold water in one of the provided cold water pools is stimulating for all organ systems. It is beneficial to the body’s defence system and stimulates metabolism.

The recommended duration of a sauna session is between eight and 15 minutes.

Die Steine für den Aufguss in einer Sauna.

Classic saunas

Ein Blick auf das römische Tepidarium mit seinen Steinliegen.

Tepidarium: 40 °C

The heated marble stone of this sauna at the Roman Bath (Schaffelbad) is more friendly to the cardiovascular system than a traditional sauna. Here, you can relax at a pleasant temperature.

Ein Blick durch die gläserne Tür der Sauna Waldblick im Thermenhotel Loipersdorf.

Aufguss-Sauna Waldblick: 85 °C

This sauna in the Thermal Spa’s outdoor area has an unblocked view of the neighbouring forest and allows you to relax with a touch of green.

Die Holzbänke der Bio-Sauna Binderberg im Thermenresort Loipersdorf.

Bio-Sauna Binderberg: 65 °C

Named after one of our sources, the Bio-Sauna Binderberg is part of the Sauna Village of our Thermal Spa. Rejuvenate softly at a humidity of 55%.

Die gläsernen Türen des Laconiums geben Einblick in die Sauna.

Laconicum: 55-60 °C

With its lower temperatures, this dry sweating room at the Roman Bath (Schaffelbad) is absolutely beneficial in case of diseases of the locomotor system.

Ein Blick durch die Glastür in die Bio-Sauna Kräutergarten.

Bio-Sauna Kräutergarten: 55 °C

Breathe in deeply the perfume of fresh herbs and feel free. This sauna is not as hot as the others and can be found at our Thermal Spa.

Die Südsteirische-Weinstraße-Sauna im Thermenresort Loipersdorf.

Südsteirische Weinstraße: 80 °C

This sauna is located at the Styrian quarter (Schaffelbad) and reflects the sense of life of South Styria. Enjoy its special cosiness.

Die Wände der Lippizzaner-Sauna sind mit Pferdebildern geschmückt.

Lipizzaner-Sauna: 50 °C

Let the aromatic meadow herbs help you to regenerate. Not only our imperial horses like them. This moderately hot sauna is located at the Styrian quarter (Schaffelbad).

Durch die Scheiben der Kräutersauna blickt man auf den Naturteich.

Kräutersauna: 50 °C

The herbal sauna of our Schaffelbad is situated directly at our natural pond. The aromatic scent of herbs stimulates your senses and, with the view of the water, it has a relaxing effect.

Pouring water and special essences onto hot stones

Unwind at the saunas of our Schaffelbad when water and special substances such as essential oils or peelings are poured onto hot stones by expert sauna masters. At the saunas of our Thermal Spa, you are free to do so according to your liking.

If you would like to attend such a session, you are kindly requested to come to the sauna five minutes earlier as indicated. Without extra charges.

Ein Wasserkübel für den Sauna-Aufguss.

Saunas allowing pouring water onto hot stones

Ein Blick auf die Panorama-Sauna im Thermenresort Loipersdorf.

Panorama-Sauna: 90 °C

Enjoy the breath-taking view at our Panorama-Sauna (Schaffelbad) and attend the special sessions every hour and thirty minutes past the hour when water is poured onto the hot stones.

Eine Eishand für den Aufguss in der Dachstein-Gletscher-Sauna im Thermenresort Loipersdorf.

Dachstein Gletscher-Sauna: 90 °C

At the Dachstein-Sauna (Schaffelbad), a hand made of real glacier ice is put onto the hot stones every thirty minutes past the hour.

Ein Blick auf den verglasten Eingang der Aufguss-Sauna Kraftquelle im Thermenresort Loipersdorf.

Aufguss-Sauna Kraftquelle: 90 °C

Sweat to your liking: The job lies with you - pour water onto the hot stones at your liking and maybe also the aromatic scent that we put at your disposal. This sauna can be found at our Thermal Spa.

Ein Aufgusskübel in der Sauna Schwitzstadl des Thermenresort Loipersdorf.

Schwitzstadl: 90 °C

At this rustic outdoor sauna (Schaffelbad) it is our guests who pour water onto the hot stones every fifteen minutes to and past the hour.

Steam on your skin

Usually, steam baths are not as hot as common saunas but they are characterized by a humidity of up to 90 %.

Hot steam has a soothing and relaxing effect on muscles. In addition, a visit to a steam bath will reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol.

The recommended duration of a visit to a steam bath is between 15 and 20 minutes.

Eine Person öffnet die Tür zu einem Dampfbad.

Steam baths

Vulkandampfbad: 42 °C

Unwind with soft music and a delicate scent. The Vulkandampfbad at our Thermal Spa is made of volcanic basalt, and it is Austria’s largest.

Caldarium Salis: 45-50 °C

At this steam bath, temperature is slightly higher. The combination of salt and steam leads to a particularly relaxing effect. Relax at the Roman Bath of our Schaffelbad.

Caldaria: 45-50 °C

Take a deep breath: Essential oils blend with steam and help finding your balance. Discover a steam sauna inspired by antiquity at our Roman Bath (Schaffelbad).

Depth effect through infrared

With a lower temperature of approx. 36° C, infrared saunas are a perfect alternative to classic saunas and steam baths. A visit to an infrared sauna helps improving your metabolism; tension will be relieved and blood flow will be encouraged.

Depending on heat intensity, we recommend limiting your stay to approx. 20 minutes.

Ein Platz in einer Infrarot-Sauna.

Infrared saunas

Infrarotsauna: 36 °C

Our infrared sauna is located at the Seepavillon of our Schaffelbad. It provides pleasant temperatures for your muscles and joints. Recreation has never been more soothing.

Riegersburg: 36 °C

Soak in the warmth on your back while you enjoy the view of the castle of Riegersburg. This sauna is situated at the Styrian quarter of Schaffelbad.

Day Pass

Thermal Spa & Adventure Spa – incl. Sauna Village

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Schaffelbad – Adults Only

The Schaffelbad is the exclusive wellness area for everyone over the age of 16.

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  • Roman bath
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