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Paar sitzt in der Sauna und blickt sich an

Tipps zum Saunieren

Für einen perfekten Saunagang

Please note the following points:

  • Our saunas are textile-free. Please sit on a towel during the sauna session. Make sure that the soles of your feet are also on the towel. If you wish, you may cover your private parts.

  • As a rule, a sauna infusion lasts about 10-15 minutes. Please do not leave the sauna during an infusion. Therefore, please observe the infusion times. In case of physical discomfort, the sauna session may of course be interrupted.

  • After the sauna session, it is recommended to let the heated body cool down for the first time through the open pores. Make sure to breathe in and out consciously. After 5 to 8 minutes, a lukewarm shower is recommended, followed by a refreshing bath in a cold pool. If necessary, you are welcome to repeat the process. Do not forget: Drink plenty of fluids (water).

  • During pregnancy, you are generally allowed to take a sauna session. Recommended: Sit on the lowest level so as not to be exposed to the absolute temperature.

  • On an intensive sauna day, eat only light food. Avoid salty and/or fatty meals.