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Family Summer in Loipersdorf

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€ 1, - Family Summer from 29.06.-09.09.2018

From 29.6. until 9.9.2018 there’s happiness, water fun and adventurous voyages of discovery – just € 1, – admission for all under 16 years. The highlight of the Family Summer is the popular #wearewater festival on Saturday, 30.06.2018: Be there when thousands of colorful waterballs are raining again!

From 01.07.2018, thermal mascot Otto and his friends Fidelius and Elli invite all children to the “adventure camp”. The daily animation program inspires with program items such as “seahorse polo”, “giant soap bubbles” and “slide champ”.


Partner days & Holidays with the champions

With additional events and guests a dream summer is guaranteed!

Early practice … and preferably the same with the pros! Therefore, children spend “holidays with the champions” with us and learn from sports stars what really matters!


# wearewater festival, 30.6.
Kayaking with Gerhard Schmid, 1.7 – 5.7.
ESKIMO Fun Tour, 7.7.
Smovey Partner Day, 8.7.
Beach volleyball with Peter Eglseer, 9.7.-13.7.
“Loipersdorf is (s) t regional”, every Tuesday from 10.7.-7.8.
Climbing adventure with the nature boys of the Riegersburg, 14.-15.7.
Footvolley with Benedikt Hofmann & Simon Saurugger, 16.7.-20.7.
Blue Circus Baths Tour, 16.7.
Nature understand with the house of the sea, 21.7. – 22.7.
Spas of Summer 2018, 21.7.
Painting workshop with artist Ernst Posch, 28.7.- 29.7.
Synchronized swimming with Uljana Figura, 30.7. – 3.8.
Zooschule der Tierwelt Herberstein, 4.8.- 5.8.
Smovey Partner Day, 11.8.
Dirndl jumping with summer party, 12.8.
Diving with Fabian Brandl, 13.8.- 17.8.
Experimenting with the consensus KIWI, 25.8. – 26.8.
Giant soap bubbles with dr. Bubbles, 2.9.-3.9.
Painting workshop with artist Ernst Posch, 8.9.-9.9.

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Program: Adventure Camp

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