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The magical water
of the Thermal Spa Loipersdorf
The magical water
of the Thermal Spa Loipersdorf

Power from the deep

The Loipersdorfer searched for oil in the wild seventies. Instead they found hot thermal water with ingenious, almost “magic” properties. In 1978 the “Schaffelbad” was opened and with it a long history started that was focused on health and joy of life.

The healing, stress-inhibiting and particularly beneficial effect of the water is already well-known. The fact that our thermal water has a positive effect on disturbances of the movement apparatus, joint and spinal column diseases or after treatment after various injuries is also no secret.

This effect is particularly pronounced with us because the ingredients required for thermal water are available in 7-fold quantities. In addition, there are the many stories and legends that have surrounded our thermal bath and our water for 40 years …

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More than 650%
added value

Why do so many people feel magically attracted to our thermal bath?

The sum of the substances dissolved in the Loipersdorfer thermal water is 650% above the nominal value in order to earn the designation “thermal water”! The careful and elaborate preparation of the thermal water keeps its original state almost completely intact and does not adversely affect the health-promoting effect of the water due to the thorough hygienic measures. The effect of this water can already be imagined!


An international study has now also confirmed that the water in our thermal spa has a stress-relieving effect. For the first time it has been shown that thermal water reduces the stress indicator cortisol. And already after a 25-minute bath! This is due to the soothing warmth of the water and the minerals dissolved in it.

Dissolve stress in the thermal spa
Therme loipersdorf wasser

62 degrees, 1,200 meters deep

At a temperature of 62 ° C, the Loipersdorfer thermal water is transported from 1,200 meters deep to the
surface. Because our water is only slightly cooled down for use in the spa, its original form is largely untreated and can thus fully unfold its healing power.

With approximately 7,000 mg of dissolved mineral ingredients per liter, we are the thermal bath with the most mineralized water in Eastern Styria, which particularly promotes the healing of joint and spinal disorders. The special combination of cations and anions is also conducive to soft tissue rheumatism, therapy after injuries and during periods of exhaustion. The high salt content has a positive effect on the movement apparatus and thus facilitates the relief of the joints.

Our health center

Loipersdorfer healing power in figures

Electrolyte values from the large thermal water analysis 2016

Electrolytic Total: 7038 ± 13 mg / kg


Lithium0.68 ± 0.030.098 ± 0.0040.100 ± 0.004
Natrium2187.0 ± 13.095.1 ± 0.697.5 ± 0.6
Kalium37.4 ± 1.40.96 ± 0.040.98 ± 0.04
Calcium10.8 ± 0.50.54 ± 0.020.55 ± 0.02
Magnesium2.69 ± 0.110.22 ± 0.010.227 ± 0.009
Ammonium10.75 ± 0.130.597 ± 0.0070.612 ± 0.007
Eisen0.076 ± 0.0040.003 ± 0.0000.003 ± 0.000
Strontium0.120 ± 0.0040.003 ± 0.0000.003 ± 0.000
Barium3.21 ± 0.120.047 ± 0.0020.048 ± 0.002
Summe2253.0 ± 13.097.6 ± 0.6100.0 ± 0.6


Hydrogenkarb.3180.0 ± 652.12 ± 0.1053.56 ± 0.10
Chlorid1597.0 ± 245.04 ± 0.0546.3 ± 0.1
Sulfat1.55 ± 0.070.03 ± 0.000.033 ± 0.001
Fluorid0.9 ± 0.20.05 ± 0.010.05 ± 0.01
Bromid4.21 0.200.05 ± 0.000.054 ± 0.003
Iodid0.53 0.040.004 ± 0.0000.0043 ± 0.0003
Nitrat1.0 ± 0.20.016 ± 0.0030.017 ± 0.003
Hydrogenphos.0.09 ± 0.010.002 ± 0.0000.0019 ± 0.0002
Summe4785.0 ± 6.097.31 ± 0.10100.0 ± 0.1
Lebenstherme thermenbad frau h

Even in Roman times, it was known that a bath in thermal water was beneficial. For those most stressed, the recovery effect in thermal water is greatest. In addition, the systolic blood pressure decreases with moderate movement and subsequent relaxation in the thermal water. The combination of exercise, relaxation in the thermal water, a healthy diet and a pleasant and quiet environment reduce the stress level.

To intensify the anti-stress effect of the water, a WATSU® treatment is recommended in the Loipersdorf spa! The mysticism and the secret of the relaxing and reinvigorating atmosphere in the Thermal Spa Loipersdorf are thereby revealed. What remains is a water with “magical” effect on the body, mind and soul!

Watsu treatment

Experience our springs with all your senses

Out of gratitude for our healing water, we have redesigned our Lautenberg spring.
Visit our spring and feel the special atmosphere that radiates from this place.

By deliberately shaping our springs, we want to intensify the vibrations of joy, gratitude and respect, which are connected with our healing water. The Lautenberg spring can now be experienced with all the senses.

Legends around
our healing water

According to one of the oldest stories, there is a hollow linden tree where the car park is today. There was often a small black man with glowing red eyes on sitting on glowing coals. Around the little man it was steaming and smoking. Only many years later was the hot thermal water found there.

Another not quite so old tale, was reported by a few Loipersdorfer peasants who, in order to erect an access road to a few fields, began to dig into the ground with pickaxes. Suddenly hot water bubbled out onto them. One of the peasants fell from carelessness into this water, which the farmers now captured in a deep hole. The next day, the farmer announced that his rheumatism had disappeared as if dissolved by the water.

The legend of the spring

About the wonderful find of 1977

It happened a long time ago that in this place wise spirits found their home. They

had followed the soft but urgent call of this particular spot,

magically attracted by the meadows and forests here that lead into a peaceful clearing.

The delicate beings felt that there was another deeply hidden power here that still laid dormant.


This power was guarded by the water spirits, who had been responsible for generations,

to honor this water, to enrich it with the most precious minerals from the interior of the earth, and guard its purity.

They did this devotedly and in the awareness that this water would one day unfold the power of a whole region unfold and fill many people with health, joy and abundance.


Centuries passed during which the spirits of Earth lovingly cared for nature and the

water spirits fed the hot spring water until they together decided to also allow people

to access to this precious spring.


With their water, the water spirits rose from the womb of the earth. At that time as today

they are at their water and guard its way from the spring to the spa. They maintain

today as in the past, the purity, liveliness and power of the water and watch over it so that

people perceive, experience and value this wealth.


As much as they enjoy the lively activity on the earth’s surface and rejoice when

people in seemingly miraculous ways are changed when they rise from the water, all the more

the water spirits also appreciate the silence in the earth. Therefore, they withdraw from time to time

and dive into their original home. On these days no water flows on the earth’s surface

from the Lautenberg spring. Deep in the earth, the spirits then listen to the silent,

even heartbeat of the spring, before they soon return together with their water.


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