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Sun Sauna

A happy place to recharge your batteries.

Sun Sauna

In the sauna-landscape “Sun Sauna” you will find everything your sauna-heart desires, and a little bit more: Inspired by the elements Fire and Earth  it is a true place of bliss to recharge your batteries.

You enter a textile-free rest zone and feel the warmth and power with every sauna session.

Children from 6 years are welcome – under 12 years only when accompanied by adults.

Relaxing in the sun sauna is included in the entrance fee to the Spa-Water Park!

Our Sun Sauna:

  • Sauna “Power Source”, 90° C
  • Sauna “Forest View”, 85° C
  • Bio-Sauna “Binderberg”, 65° C
  • Bio-Sauna “Herb Garden”, 55° C
  • Volcano Steam Bath, 42° C – the largest in Austria!
  • Infrared Sauna “Lautenberg”, 36° C
  • Thermal water outdoor whirlpool
  • Cold swimming pool
Opening hours
Layout plan

Spa for the Body, Mind and Spirit

In the bright interior and the inviting outdoor area of the Sun Sauna, saunas and relaxing are the top priority. The infusion by the way, is done here – according to your own taste!

Lebenstherme sonnensauna m
Lebenstherme sonnensauna m
Lebenstherme sonnensauna frau h

The feeling you get when hot steam brushes your shoulders...

The Finish Sauna “Power Source”welcomes you with a hot 90 ° C. Located outside the Sun Sauna, spacious glass windows  provide a sense of space and security. You can feel the power of the source  and know in your heart that all is well.

Like the fresh scent of the forest...

The Finnish sauna “Forest Spring”  (85° C) revives the senses . It is located in the outdoor area of the sauna world “Sun Sauna” and is an invitation to take a deep breath.

Lebenstherme sonnensauna m

Sauna infusions

(Regular-)guests & Sauna-Fans impress with their skills!

Forest Spring
Infusions at every full & half-hour

Power Source
Infusions at every quarter and 3/4 hour

Lebenstherme sonnensauna m v

Enjoy the pleasant warmth

Named after one of our three sources, “Binderberg” invites you to 65° C and 55% humidity to feel good in gentle warmth.

Breathe-in, breathe-out

This organic sauna takes you on a journey through the local herbal gardens – freshly picked and carefully infused .

(“herb garden”: 55 ° C, 45% humidity)

Lebenstherme sonnensauna m
Lebenstherme sonnensauna m web v

The Volcano Steam Bath

With the power of the volcano

The octagonal Volcano steam bath, the largest of its kind in all of Austria, provides everything for an exceptional sauna experience; it contains a basalt rock which, together with Light, Sound and Fragrances, reveals its volcanic origin .

(42 ° C, 100% humidity)

Penetrating warmth, that relaxes

The Sauna “Lautenberg” is named after one of our three springs, located on the hill of the same name near the thermal baths. The infrared sauna strengthens you with the mild energy of the light .

Lebenstherme sonnensauna m

Power source
in the
Sun Sauna