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Taste and enjoy life

restaurant Thermal Spa Loipersdorf

Consciously enjoy what tastes good to you.

When fresh products of the highest quality (AMA-certified) and preparation free of additives combine with a large portion of joy in cooking, everything simply tastes good.

Our dishes are inspired by the rich product diversity of Austria. The flavors and tastes of our guests give our menu the crowning spice.


Our market restaurant has repeatedly been awarded the seal of quality by the “Culinary Styria”. As a selected company, we can call ourselves a “pleasure destination” for people seeking quality.


It tastes good!

100% from Austria, 100% cooked with love

In our menu you will find a variety of hearty delicacies to light vegetarian dishes.

Freshly prepared, our main dishes arrive at your table à la minute  – enjoy the taste!

Everything to your taste

The large “market area” presents the rich variety of our products! Serve yourself at the salad buffet, with pizza and burgers or discover our daily dishes. We serve the main dishes at the table.

Or visit our service area where we serve your favorite dishes à la carte.

Small snacks and cool refreshments can also be enjoyed at the Sauna Bar in the “Sun Sauna”.