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AlphaSphere Cocoon

A journey to a place that is both familiar and new.

AlphaSphere Cocoon in the Thermal Spa

Mental strengthening and deep relaxation.

Those who enter the AlphaSphere Cocoon at Loipersdorf Spa will discover a unique place.

Six AlphaSphere couches await you in a room solution designed specifically for the Thermal Spa. Immerse yourself in an energizing and stress-relieving world of sounds, colors, lights, warmth, fragrances and vibrations!

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Individual Spa experiences

4 programs for every mood

In the AlphaSphere Cocoon we offer you a selection of programs and compositions.

BASIC: The blue program to become comfortable with the deeply relaxing AlphaSphere sofas.

SENSITIVE: The pink program, a soft composition for people in a sensitive condition.

INTENSE: The red program for a strong sensory-impression – slow and flowing like a mediation.

ENERGY: The orange energy program to recharge your energy and vitality.

Mental effects

Reduce stress
Experience deep relaxation
Stimulate creativity
Increase performance
Expand perception

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Physical effects

Harmonize breathing
Loosen muscle tension
Stimulate connective tissue circulation
Change the sensation of pain
Lower blood pressure

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