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Styrian Sauna

A sauna world full of regional enjoyment.

Styrian sauna in the Schaffelbad

For your own well-being: saunas with regional charm.

It is a sauna world that gets under the skin. In the “Styrian sauna”, the thermal baths are grounded and rustic. A lot of wood and stone characterize the Styrian-inspired saunas and offer a cozy ambiance.

The Styrian sauna includes:

  • Styrian sweating cabin
  • Pond sauna
  • Infrared sauna
  • Herb sauna

Styrian sauna experience

Wellness for all those who love feeling cozy.

In the “Pond Sauna” you will experience the “ice-hand infusion” with the original Loipersdorfer ice hand every hour. Every half hour there is an infusion bucket & scent for self-infusion.

The Styrian “Sweating Cabin” is our , which invites you to relax with quiet music. Enjoy gentle warmth in the infrared or in our herbal sauna.
What also belongs in the sauna world “Styrian sauna” : The Kneipp-basin and its “berth place”, where you feel completely satisfied.

Sauna stories

Many small and big, exciting and miraculous stories can be heard from the Loipersdorf Spa. One of them might be “Nomen is not always omen”. It explains why there is a pond sauna without a pond in the Schaffelbad. And a herbal sauna, which would honestly deserve the name “pond sauna” , but it was not so badly needed …:

Once upon a time, the pond sauna (in the “Styrian sauna” area) actually did look out on a small pond through a round opening. But then the vision of another level in the Schaffelbad became reality: the lake pavilion, embedded in the landscape, modern and lovingly designed. On its terrace a herbal sauna was created, from which the natural pond is really quite close.

Now that the pond had already been taken from the pond sauna, they wanted to at least let it keep its name.
And the herbal sauna? It does not care if she’s has the “pond” in her name. She has it- just as her guests – always in the immediate vicinity.