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Roman Bath

Live and bathe like the gods.

Roman bath in the Schaffelbad

How do gods enjoy the day? In complete relaxation in the Schaffelbad. They were particularly pleased by the Roman bath . Here they let themselves go completely, just as they had always been accustomed to. In doing good to themselves, they are truly exemplary.

Immerse yourself in our Roman bath in the “Ars vivendi” of antiquity!

Bathing & saunaing
like the ancient Romans:

  • Tepidarium
  • Caldarium Sole (brine steam bath)
  • 3 Caldaria
  • Laconium
  • Frigidarium
  • Infrared-lounge chairs
Schaffelbad romisches bad frau m

Ars vivendi

Enjoy Roman moments

In the apodyterium – the dressing rooms – letting your clothes fall, releases your stress at the same time.

Then follow the typical antique bathing traditions that purify, strengthen and revive. And above all: Enjoy what is doing your body good. Because this is good for your mind and your soul.

Loift c weiss pxbreite

“Only the thermal baths, wine and love give real life.”

There is plenty of everything in Loipersdorf …


The Atriolum is the entrance to the Roman Bath.
Cozy seating areas invite you to linger and communicate.

Schaffelbad romisches bad atriolum m

Relax on solid marble benches and enjoy the warmth.
Approximately 40 ° C of pleasant dry radiant heat, heated seating and lying surfaces.


Caldarium Salis (brine steam bath) and 3 Caldaria.
High humidity, rising warmth, essential oils and the healing effects of brine (Caldarium Salis) allow you to breath deeply and calm the spirit.
Approximately 45 ° C-50 ° C, 100% humidity, with fragrance and music.

Schaffelbad romisches bad caldarium m
Schaffelbad romisches bad laconium m


Gentle relaxation

Warmth, calm melodies, sensual fragrances, noble dark marble seating benches and a pleasant lighting concept release the pores and the soul.
Approximately 55 ° C-60 ° C, 60% humidity, with fragrance and music.


The tingling refreshment is the culmination of the Roman bathing tradition. Wake up your spirits!
Various shower facilities, different shower sensations (rain, splash, fog, …), ice shower, refreshing foot bath, ice crasher.

Schaffelbad romisches bad frigidarium frau m
Schaffelbad romisches bad frigidarium frau m quer

Infrared lounge chairs

The infrared lounge chairs form a large resting area in the Roman bath. Just like this, before, during or between the bathing ritual, you can return here and enjoy pleasant infrared rays.

Schaffelbad romisches bad infrarotliegen m
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A goddess watches over the activities in the Roman Bath ...

Although our Diana is already 250 years old, she radiates an omnipotent beauty. Which is probably also a bit due to the fact that the thermal bath acts like a fountain of youth.

Created by a group of artists and modeled from sandstone, the virginal goddess of the hunt and the moon watches over our Schaffelbad. After all, our guests should feel comfortable and enjoy themselves like the gods.