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Spa & Water Park

Day pass thermal spa (including Sun Sauna) & adventure pool (with Fun Park)

Students from 6 to 15 years24,50
Children from 3 to 5 years12,50
Babys from 0 to 2 years3,00
Students, Basic military and civil servants up to 25 years;
People with disabilities (*)
Students, Children and Babys
for families with Family Pass
Admission bookingGift certificates

4 hour tickets

 Price per person
adults€ 29,50
Students from 6 to 15 years€ 20,50
Children from 3 to 5 years€ 10,50

Evening tickets Spa & Water Park

 Price per person
from 4.00 pm:
€ 22,50
from 4.00 pm:
Students from 6 to 15 years
€ 17,50
from 4.00 pm:
Children from 3 to 5 years
€ 9,60
from 6 pm:
€ 19,70

Multi-day tickets for Spa- & Water Park (**)

 Price per person
2-Day ticket€ 68,80
3-Day ticket€ 96,30
4-Day ticket€ 120,80
from 5-Day ticket per day€ 28,50


Day passes Schaffelbad

 Price per person
Adults€ 48,50
Admission bookingGift certificates

Evening ticket "Schaffelbad"

 Price per person
Evening ticket from 4 pm€ 29,70
Evening ticket from 6 pm€ 24,80

Multi-day tickets "Schaffelbad" (**)

 Price per person
2-Day ticket€ 91,40
3-Day ticket€ 128,00
4-Day ticket€ 160,50
from 5-Day ticket per day€ 37,90

Well-being package Schaffelbad (***)


„SchaffelbadPlus-Day“ for two

- 1 day pass to Schaffelbad per person
- reserved cuddly couch for two, cuddly blanket & cushion
- reserved parking space & own wardrobe
€ 117,40

„SchaffelbadPlus-Day“ – just for me

- for 1 person
€ 58,70

"Delicacies-Day“ for two

- 1 day pass to Schaffelbad per person
- reserved cuddly couch for two, cuddly blanket & cushion
- reserved parking space & own wardrobe
- welcome drink for two
- Styrian tapas variation for two
€ 178,20

"Delicacies-Day" - just for me

- for 1 person
€ 89,10

"Steirasul® day" for two

- 1 day pas into Schaffelbad per person
- reserved cuddly couch for 2, cozy blanket & cushion
- reserved parking & own wardrobe
- vitamin cocktail for two
- Steirasul® Ceremony with Vulcan clay (duration of treatment 40 min)
€ 179,20

"Steirasul®-day" - just for me

- for 1 person
€ 89,60
Purchase a gift certificate

Additonal offers

Day of Pleasure (****)

- 1 day pass for thermal spa (including sun sauna) & Water Park
- Culinary voucher worth € 22,50
- back massage, 30 min.
€ 87,50
Purchase a gift certificate

Relaxation offers

Solarium (min. dur. 10 min)€ 8,50
Solarium, every additional 5 min. (up to 30 min)€ 3,70
Collarium (min. dur. 10 min)€ 10,50
Collarium, every additional 5 min. (up to 30 min)€ 4,80
Salzgrotte (duration 25 min)€ 8,90
AlphaSphere Cocoon (duration 23 min)€ 12,90


Locker rental€ 3,30
Rental changing room€ 6,50

Bathing furnishings (rental fee)

Bathrobe€ 5,50
Bath towel€ 3,20

Remarks & explanations


(*) This rate is only valid with a valid identification.
People with impairment of 50% disability with disability degree card.
For the accompanying person registered in the disabled certificate, admission is free.

(**) This rate is only granted if you are in a partner company of the Thermal Spa Loipersdorf and the completed registration card is shown at the Spa cash register.

The number of entries is to be purchased according to the registration form and consumed during your stay. Admission from 7 am.
Advance booking with free capacity.
No return of unused tickets.
This tariff is not valid from 26.10.-03.11.2019, Christmas holidays (25.12.2019-06.01.2020) and Easter holidays (04.04.-13.04.2020).

(***) Reserve your Schaffelbad-Well-being package until before your visit: tel +43 3382 8204-2400 or ta.em1571063384reht@1571063384dable1571063384ffahc1571063384s1571063384

(****) Reserve your Day of Enjoyment (subject to availability) before your visit at tel +43 3382 8204-50 or ta.em1571063384reht@1571063384murtn1571063384ezsti1571063384ehdnu1571063384seg1571063384

Important explanations for our guests

Entrance to Schaffelbad is permitted for young people over 16 years of age. In the sun sauna
children from 12 years are welcome.

Chip watch
The chip watch is your entrance ticket, your wardrobe and lounge key, as well as your wallet.
In the entire spa and restaurant area you have the option of cashless payment. If you lose your chip clock € 150.00 will be charged.

Spa cash desk
The Spa cash desk is open daily for our guests from 7 am, every day

We also accept debit and credit cards.
If several tariff reductions apply to you, only one can be claimed.
Pre-purchased cards are only valid until the current expiration date. We warn against abusive card transfer  by private individuals, whether it is paid for or free of charge. Any misuse will be sanctioned.

Price and offer changes as well as printing errors reserved. Prices incl. taxes and duties.