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Sauna area

„Baths, wine, and love make up life!” – the ancient Romans knew this already. In the Roman bath of Thermal Spa Loipersdorf the Roman bathing culture with its typical rituals experiences a renaissance. Here you can do good for your health and generously take care of your body. In doing so you return to the origin of the bathing culture that later became famous.

The atriolum invites to relaxing and refreshing at the ,,Fountain of Strength”, a relaxation area creates a relaxing atmosphere through infrared light, the frigidarium, the tepidarium with regional loam and a light and sound design adapted to biorhythm guarantee a unique experience. Moreover a laconium, a salt steam bath and three caldaria complete the extensive possibilities on offer in the Roman bath.

Goddess Diana

In the Roman bath Diana, goddess of the hunt and the moon, not only watches over our guests, but also over the tides and thereby over the healing water in ,,my Schaffelbad”. In 1750, the statue was made out of sandstone by a group of artists. Thanks to tender renovation work the partially heavily damaged statue was brought back to life and found a fine new house in the Roman bath.

This awaits you at the Roman bath:

  •  „Desire for security” in the tepidarium: ca. 40°C, pleasant dry thermal radiation, heated surfaces for sitting and lying.
  • "Breathe more freely” in the caldarium: ca. 45°C-50°C, 100 % humidity, with fragrance and music (salt nebulisation in the Caldarium Sole).
  • „Soft relaxation“ in the laconium: ca. 55°C-60°C, 60 % humidity, with fragrance and music.
  • „Stimulating refreshment” in the frigidarium: several shower possibilities, experience shower (rain, torrent, fog…), ice shower, refreshing foot bath, ice crusher.
  • „On the sunny side of life” – on the Infrared-Loungers: Relaxation and recuperation with a pleasant heat that reaches under your skin.
  • „Give your soul space” in the atriolum (small Atrium – small front court): Roman vestibule, to let the soul wander, or to get in the mood for the baths.
  • „Discard everything, become free” – in the apodyterium: By discarding your clothes in our changing rooms, you can leave behind everyday life.