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„A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.”, as a Spanish proverb says. Health is the greatest good of man and is considered to be the key to happiness. Our therapists know this as well!

The individuality of the therapy in case of physical complaints is determined by your individuality as a human. Our competent team aims to consider symptoms from several viewpoints, offer a variety of solutions and derive appropriate therapy. At all times, doctors and experienced therapists care for your health and your well-being. To be able to offer a specific, competent, and conscientious therapy all therapists impress with solid knowledge and diverse specialisations in movement and body work.

Therapy – Health – Wellness

Our balanced offer of therapy does not just include classical massages, but also alternative treatments, practices from Ayurveda, and approach of the Holistic Loipersdorf Method, which was developed at Thermal Spa Loipersdorf.

It is not just in gastronomy that we value regional suppliers and seasonal products. In our wellness-treatments as well, ingredients typical of the region find their way into the massage and aroma oils or the body care products. The important grape seed oil of the local Zweigelt grape, native pumpkin seeds, and the regionally collected Fango, curative mud, are used in various treatments based on their particular effects.

Enjoying with all your senses

Materials that stimulate your senses, harmonious light and room design, soft fragrances and sounds, activating impulses – letting go is made easy this way.

To make sure also the surroundings and room atmosphere have a wholesome effect on our guests, you will mainly find natural materials such as wood and clay in our rooms for an agreeable climate. We would like you to feel ,,naturally” well with us.

You can enjoy our offer of therapy in the Spa and in ,,my Schaffelbad”. Individual therapy takes place both in the Spa as well as in ,,my Schaffelbad” – particular applications can only be offered in ,,my Schaffelbad”.

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